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Hey there Superstar!

I’m Laura – Empowerment Mentor, Event Manager and the person cheering you on to take the steps you need to live your most fulfilling life.

I believe we are the authors of our own destiny but the stories we write for ourselves are often filled with doubt, criticism and, in some cases, fictitious!

It is my mission to show as many people as possible, that through the power of the mind and consistent action that you can rewrite your story and ensure each chapter is worth reading!

Life is for living and we only have this moment.

Start today….

About me

I love life. I love having adventures, travel, meeting new people, nurturing relationships with those already in my life and challenging myself to take steps of faith to live the life I know I am supposed to live. Today, I live a conscious life which allows me to be aware of what truly makes me feel good and whole.

It’s not always been that way. For years, my exterior did NOT match the interior.

I was the fun-loving party girl who was friends with everyone and was always ‘happy’, ‘good’, ‘fine’.

However, behind the smile, there was crippling anxiety, worry, constant questioning about what people thought of me, my inner critic was full of disgust for every decision I made or even thought of making.

I was craving approval from everyone, never felt good enough, didn’t truly believe that I

could apply for the job, ask the guy on the date, speak my truth. I was so unsettled and thought if I could just get this person to like me, if I had a boyfriend, if I was thinner, if I earned more money in this job, THEN I would be happy and feel more content.

But I had a niggle – surely there’s more to life than this? Surely there’s more to life than constantly feeling small, worthless, comparing myself to others, feeling left behind, that I’d missed the boat, presuming everyone else was right and I was wrong, feeling blame, shame and taking too much responsibility, or not enough responsibility.

Wow!! That’s a lot of negative energy bubbling away.

That niggle never left, it grew and over time I had enough – I was exhausted.

I was exhausted of doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

I started reading, listening, learning, working with mentors and surrounding myself with people I wanted to be like and who made me feel good when I was around them. Who lifted my energy and who made me feel alive!

I do not want people to feel the way that I’ve felt. I do not want people to waste any more precious time doubting themselves, feeling worthless and holding themselves back.

I know you can grow to be the person you want to be and can take the steps to live the life you dream of, the life where you feel the way you want to feel, the life where you are living as the highest version of you. But more than that, I want to work with you so that you can enjoy the journey, to find the magic of where you are now and not just when you smash your goals!

I am the evidence and I know what it takes to create real, lasting change.

It’s not always easy but it is worth it.

Work with me!

I work with clients, who…

  • Want to take back control of their life and live it with intention and purpose
  • Feel stuck, overwhelmed, stressed and don’t know where to start
  • Struggle to see their worth and value
  • Have a goal or dream and want guidance and support on how to reach it
  • Want to understand their mindset and how they can change their thoughts and habits to change their life
  • Want to make long-lasting change and rewrite the negative stories they’ve created for themselves

I CARE deeply about my clients and through rewriting these stories, I empower them to realise their true potential, their true value and their true worth.

Start today….

Some of my clients have worked really hard and generated amazing results! See what they had to say about the services we offer:

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